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Pyari Complex, Pandikkad Road, Malappuram, Kerala, India

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Mattees Five Star Condiments give flavors to Arabian food and in our life.

Life is curtailed Without Mattees Five Star Condiments and we are providing so many delicious and exotic Arabian tastes in the Universal. We must continue to be inspiring in order to attract more new customers each and every day.

Kerala spices are famous all over the world for their rich taste and unique flavor. We provide world-class experiences and out-come for our clients and customers by de- eloping relationships based on service excellence and mutual understanding. A variety of spices will have a charming effect.

Our products are designed to attract customers’ with gorgeous taste and amazing aroma. With a simple and an easy to follow set of cooking instructions, these products can be trailed and experimented by anyone from anywhere.

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We Are Trusted By More Than 500k Clientss

Our mission is to produce an attentive and dynamic community of youth and adults from various backgrounds and generate special and societal revolutionize through sustainable development. We proactively convey to market natural, organic and local foods and products with Moral Business Practices.

To be a worldwide impacting condiments processing company inspiring by lives with modernism, honor and supremacy. Living in a sustainable world with preserve the highest values in our connections with members, employees, customers and suppliers

How We Works

We are focused on the taste preferences of our customers and are dedicated to serving the best of broasts they would ever eat.



They say spices speak for themselves. Get into the roller coaster of blazing hot and chilli spices to feel that energy flowing through your veins. Taste the tastiest to feel the difference.

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Our products have a unique mix of ingredients which even makes the connoisseur of heavenly foods go crazy. Our specialized and selective use of spices make the products truly distinctive.

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Our experienced and professional chefs have mixed and mixed the products with meticulous detail. Our food items are totally cheimcal-free and can fill your tummy with no fright.

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