Mattees Broast

The Mattees Five Star Broast is the high-point of taste. This broast powder was made after months-long research by cooking experts.


Step 1

Rinse and clean the chicken with water containing 1 teaspoon of salt before coating them with Mattees 5 Star Special Broast Powder.

Step 2

Heat enough oil to deep fry the chicken pieces in a deep-bottomed vessel and stir now and then.

Step 3

Make sure to keep the heat constant throughout. In just 7 minutes. Mattees 5 Star broast will be ready.

Step 4

Mattees 5 Star broast will be ready. Serve and feel the taste rushing in your veins.

Our features


They say spices speak for themselves. Get into the roller coaster of blazing hot and chilli spices to feel that energy flowing through your veins. Taste the tastiest to feel the difference.


Our products have a unique mix of ingredients which even makes the connoisseurs of heavenly foods go crazy. Our specialized and selective use of spices make the products truly distinctive.


Our seasoned and professional chefs have mixed and mixed the products with meticulous detail. Our food items are totally chemical-free and can fill your tummy with no fuss.


Our chicken products are juicy enough to make you drool in your mouth and leave the lovers of food asking for more. We make the masala with a unique blend of ingredients that are rich with aroma and special taste

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