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”Create it at home to make a mark at your DINING TABLE!”

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Clean and wash Whole Chicken. Cut it into pieces lengthwise. Using a fork or knife prick the chicken well so that the marination goes inside the chicken. Wash chicken in salt water. Marinate the with this paste Mattees Five Star Al-faham masala and keep in fridge for three to four hours. It’s good if you…

Experience the real taste of traditional Arabian Qahwa. Every sip will lead you to the world of relish

Wash Biriyani rice well after putting into water for some time. Cook some cashew nut, dry grape and onion by using sunflower oil and ghee until it changes into brownish color, then boil some carrot in water and put into separate vessel. Take some onions and cook it for some time. Then add garlic, ginger,…

Soak 1 kg basmathi rice in 1 litre water. Clean it well. Softly fry 1 50gms onion(in oil) in a big vessel. Add 70 gm tomato paste or 200 gm tomato juice into it.  Add 3 table spoon mattees 5 star Kabsa masala. Pour 2 litre water (suitable for ghee rice) in the prepared mix…

Rinse and drain Basmati rice until water runs clear and set aside. Fry 200 gms of finely sliced onion in oil/ghee in a pressure cooker or deep-bottomed pot until golden brown. Add 3 teaspoon of Mattees 5 Star Mandl Masala along with chicken/mutton/beef. Add in the rinsed rice and pour equivalent level of hot water…

The taste of Mattees Broast is derived from experience and expertise. There is no substitute for Mattees.


We are focused on the taste preferences of our customers and are dedicated to serving the best of broasts they would ever eat.


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